• "I can't thank you enough for picking up my daughter Sydney last Saturday morning and driving her to the
    Portland Airport! you are truly angels! She and I are so grateful for your kindness and great service! A million
    thank you's from a very grateful Mom in Bend!  ~ Erin 6/5/2015

  • "Escellent service between McMinnville and PDX. I have used Caravan Airport Transportation in the past and will
    use them again in the future whenever my flight times allow. The service is reasonably priced, on time and ~
    Kareen S. 5/13/2015

  • "The best! I have used this service for years and will continue to do so. They are very punctual, courteous,
    helpful and safe. I ride the van for concerts, conventions, shopping, as well as airline connections. It's easier
    than driving because you can gawk out the windows, read, sleep, or join in conversations. I highly recommend
    this extremely safe van service!" ~ Theresa F. 4/2015

  • "I have used Caravan every time I have had to fly out of PDX. Each time I have used your caravan service it has
    been a joy. Pick up is always on time. People get to know each other while traveling. We have had more laughs
    while leaving the driving to Felix. I also appreciate the fact that if everyone is there early we can leave and get
    home sooner."  ~ Karen E. 4/2015

  • "I so enjoy using Caravan Transportation as they are on time and when we arrive at the airport, the driver
    checks to see if we are there. And if early arrivals come in, we leave earlier too. I like to use the home page to
    set up my trips and it is easy to follow. So I do set up early and know I'm ok." ~ Addie T. 4/2015

  • "It exceeded my expectations! My experience was better than expected. I received a call from the driver prior to
    departure to let me know they were at my stop. When I arrived I was greeted with a smile. Within a short time we
    were on our way and before I knew it we were at the airport. I will definitely use this service again! The price is
    right and I didn't have to deal with traffic. Thank You!!" ~ Jeanette Y. 4/2015

  • "On time and driver was friendly. Felt safe the whole time. I will be using them again!" ~ Peggy S. 4/2015

  • "Nice ride. Excellent driver." ~ Ellen T. 4/28/15

  • "I love having this service from Newport to the airport and also the reverse. The alternative is to go to Corvallis
    and this is obviously the direct route. Leaving the airport early when everyone is there is an added benefit and it
    was especially nice that the person answering the phone gave a window of time for the departure from PDX.
    Thank you and keep up the good work." ~ Karen M. 4/15
  • "This was my first ride with Caravan and it was excellent. Felix is very nice. I will do this again.  So easy. Thank
    you." ~ Marvel S. 5/10/14

  • "I used Caravan Airport Shuttle this Mon. and Weds. for my emergency flight to CA.  I had a different driver both
    days however, both were very professional, helpful and accommodating.  The van that we traveled in was very
    clean and I really appreciated that the drivers didn't play the radio or chat with the passengers. I have used
    several other shuttles and have found Caravan to be the most enjoyable, reasonably priced and responsive to
    my traveling needs.  I like that the mgmt. prefers that all customers make their own reservation(s) for the shuttle
    online.  A very efficient, effective practice and I know that my reservation is for the correct day and time rather
    than hoping that someone else booked my reservation correctly.  I will use Caravan Airport Transportation for all
    of my trips to the airport or even just for going to Portland for the day to sightsee or shop. I also respect the his
    van(s) clean for future clients such as no smoking, eating or drinking in his van(s). I will definitely recommend
    this airport shuttle to my friends and family. Thank you Caravan for getting me to the airport on time!!!"
P. Harris, Newport, OR 3/6/2014

  • "I have used Caravan Airport Transportation several times in the last few years...four times in the last couple of
    months.  We leave a car at the coast so depend on them to take us from PDX to the coast and back again.  I
    love traveling with them.  Their rates are very reasonable, they are always prompt, and I've found the trip fun
    and entertaining.  Like the other traveler who posted, I have never felt insulted.  I appreciate their service and
    truly enjoy their company.  Thank you Felix for taking such good care of us." ~ Cindy R. 3/2/2014

  • "I have used Caravan Airport Transportation many times over the years and find it the best shuttle service.  
    Felix, Jr., who normally drives, is an excellent driver, prompt and makes the trips fun and pleasant.  Anyone who
    seems to find the conversations unpleasant should say something, ignore it or find another means of
    transportation.  I have never felt insulted or uncomfortable with anyone driving.  If one feels uncomfortable with
    any conversation on the shuttle should simply state their objections..diplomatically.  The company is there to
    provide good service."  ~ Katrina, 2/11/2014

  • "Our company really values the great service you provide to us and to our students – and personally, I am so
    grateful for being able to 'leave the driving to you'!" ~ Jan, Spiritual Journeys 12/23/13

  • "There was a nasty rain storm the day I went out there and Felix handled the road really well.  Very impressive!"
    ~ Rowena 12/22/13

  • " I thank you for the excellent service you have given me in 2013 and look forward to traveling with Caravan in
    2014!" ~Sandi 12/9/13

  • "Thank you so much just love your shuttle" ~ Robin 8/26/13

  • "My first experience, I had an out of town emergency and had to get to the airport. The phone representative
    talked able to put me on the very next morning shuttle. They got me to the airport with time to spare. The driver
    was friendly and respectful, and thankfully not too chatty. I have used them many times since, and it really saves
    leaving my car or asking for someone to drive me to the airport. Just remember to bring a book, its a long ride
    from PDX to the coast!" ~ Jill 5/2013

  • "Thank you! Thank you! to the drivers of this company! We were staying with a group of 6 for the Seafood and
    Wine festival in Newport. A friendly driver picked us up at the hotel and got us there so we could partake of the
    festivities without having to worry about driving. Another awesome driver was waiting to pick us up right when we
    had scheduled to go back to the hotel.  Highly recommend! Thanks again we are looking forward to next year!"  
    ~ Joanna K. Stayton, OR 2/26/13

  • "I have used them several times when I've had to get from my home in Newport to the airport in Portland and
    also to my medical appointments at OHSU. The drivers are friendly, (a little rough around the edges, but nice) I
    was picked up on schedule and delivered to the airport safely. I live just a short distance from the road and for
    $15 more they picked me up at home which is very convenient for an old woman like myself." ~ S.C. 2/19/13

  • "I have travelled with the caravan several times now and have always enjoyed my trip and always arrived on time
    and was treated well! ~ Carrie 1/2013

  • "I have used this service twice and found it to be very helpful.  They work very hard to get you to where you
    need to be on time.  I used it yesterday when there were hurricane force winds, closing the highway to the
    valley.  We left early and took alternate routes. In spite of the traffic jams, floods, closed highways and wind I
    made my flight just as promised.  I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have made it if I'd tried to drive myself to the
    airport." ~ Anne W. Lincoln City, OR 1/23/12

  • "Very glad you are in business. Have used you many times to get to Portland airport and also Amtrak." ~ Lynne

  • "Always a pleasure to travel with Caravan! Very responsible and always gets me to my destination regardless of
    weather or traffic. I would recommend it to anyone and feel confident they would be satisfied. Four years of
    regular travel with this company." ~ Sandi 11/2012

  • "I found Caravan Airport transportation to be one of the "I found Caravan Airport transportation to be one of the
    best shuttle service around, the price was great , Going from pdx all the way to Newport, in the clean . nice van."
    ~ John 2/2009

Reserve your seat
with a credit card.
Payment in cash to
the driver upon

Valid by email only,

A $20.00 FEE per
person will be charged
for each Guaranteed
Reservation that a
passenger Cancels or
Changes with less than
48 HOURS notice
before their departure

Cancellations on the
day of travel WILL be
charged the full price
of the seat(s).

Any and all Guaranteed
Reservations that
NO-SHOW and are not
canceled or changed
prior to their departure
times will be charged
the full amount of their
reserved seat.